Six Years Unforgiven

I had a fantastic weekend. I spent the weekend celebrating one of my family friend’s 25th birthday. Our weekend was so great, that I started joking I don’t know how I’ll top it next month for my 28th.

You may know how it goes, spend a few days with anyone close to you and you may find yourself venting about; past escapades, where everyone ended upΒ and towards the end of it all – you may start reliving past hurts whileΒ looking for confirmation that your hurt is valid.

Yes, that’s how me and these two other women roll. We can discuss deep issues at a festive occasion. These ladies are “savage”, they even got their tea and blankets, as I poured out a familiar scene from the depths of my memory. It was a story about hurt and betrayal. It was about lost trust and unforgiveness. As I drew my story to a close, they asked me one fateful question; “When did this happen?” I counted backwards only to realise a shocking truth – I had been retelling this story to myself and my closest for six years. Yes, six years.

I was shocked.

Time really flies when you’re reliving hurt. I evaluated myself, the situation and what has transpired since then. Those people have moved on and here I was on my friend’s 25th still as annoyed as I was when I initially went trough the betrayal. Something was not right. I had to let it go.

Unforgiveness is not of God. And for those who don’t fear God, unforgiveness won’t let you prosper.

I thought about all the relationships I severed because of unforgiveness, though granted, some of those relationships deserved to be severed. I carried a weight that would inevitably affect other relationships and stunt their potential. Life, and its journeys, thrives on good healthy relationships. You will always come across avoidable stumbling blocks if you don’t leave the old baggage behind.

Who knows where certain people and I could’ve been if I had let go of some things? Who knows what opportunities they could have brought my way? And equally as important, who knows how I could’ve made a positive impact in their lives? Who knows…?

So, coincidentally, as I discovered the baggage I held hostage all these years, 2017 creeps forward. I will leave this unforgiveness at the door of 2016 and enter 2017 freely. I will take steps towards my destiny more confidently and with ease because I won’t have the weight of those who hurt me riding on my shoulders. And as I step towards my calling I will move further and further away from the baggage and use them as building blocks to shape the person I deserve to be.

I pray you do the same.




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