Making Puppies Part of Your Self Care Plan

My neighbour’s dog had puppies on the 24th of January and I almost instantly fell in love with the most rambunctious one of the lot.

He was “the chosen one”. Everyone who went to this neighbour’s corner store seemed to be attracted to his energy.

My neighbours named him Muffin.


He introduced himself by nipping my toe when I went to visit them in their shop. It was cute then but it’s annoying now.

On the 13th of March, on his “seven week birthday” I paid for him and took him home.

I have no regrets.

Buying a dog in Ghana accidentally became part of my self-care plan.

For a few hours a day I have to be aware of something’s problems outside of my own.

Something’s life depends on me sorting out mine.

And though I wouldn’t recommend buying a pet, or having a child, to sort out your issues I can certainly testify that it’s helped me these past weeks.

Sometimes taking care of yourself means caring for something else.

Both of your lives may depend on it.


Thank you to Tonaton, “Ghana’s biggest classifieds” for sponsoring this post. If you’re new to Ghana and would like a pet of your own – you can purchase one there.


All the best!

Take care of yourself – and those around you.


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