5 Things I Wish I Knew About Entrepreneurship Before I Started

Hello World!

I’m in the second year of my entrepreneurship journey and I’m determined not to make the same mistakes I made last year.

I also want to share the knowledge so you don’t waste time making the same mistakes I made last year!

I’ve listed five lessons I learned last year about entrepreneurship. Please share your tips too in the comments below!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job


I have many reasons why I decided to quit my corporate job to be self-employed, and I still stand by them. However, I wouldn’t recommend [to most people] to start a business in Ghana without a “side-job”.

I’m currently scouring websites regarding current jobs in Ghana, to rectify that “mistake”. A steady source of income while you’re chasing your dreams will help elevate the stresses that will undoubtedly  come from business and life in general.

2. Set Goals & Strategy


When I started my entrepreneurship journey I didn’t set clear attainable goals. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but hadn’t planned the steps to actively get there. Not setting goals and strategies is a fast-track to disappointment and discouragement because you have no way to measure your progress.

3. Set Aside a Place to Work

When I first started working on my own I worked everywhere I could set my laptop. Unfortunately, a few of the places I tried to work in I already associated with rest. I’d find myself going to these places to work and get distracted.

Set aside a place just for your work so your body knows it’s time to focus on business when you get to that spot. Don’t make it extremely comfortable; that’s what your living room is for!

4. Don’t Alienate Yourself

It is easy to spiral into various forms of depression when you work alone. Constantly being away from people hasn’t bode well on my mental health, so in this new year I’m making a conscious effort to leave my home office at least once a day to engage with people offline. It makes a massive difference.

5. Ignore Your House Chores

Yes! You read correctly. IGNORE your house chores!

Sitting at home all day means I notice a lot of things around the house. I used to try and tackle them before I started work but realised that by the time I did a handful of household chores, I was demotivated/too tired to do the actual work that would bring me the money I need!

Set a day aside for your chores as part of your schedule. Don’t do them just because you’re at home.

Remember entrepreneurism is a journey, not a destination. The lessons are endless. If you don’t succeed immediately, keep trying; that’s the beauty of the process.

Thank you to Tonaton, “Ghana’s biggest marketplace”, for sponsoring this post. You can start your entrepreneurship journey with them by selling your products online!

All the best in your journey.


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