The Truth About Adulthood

Growing up is a strange process.

When I reached my twenties I struggled with the transition from teenager to adult.

I wanted to be taken seriously and I tried to do things that I thought made me more serious, like calling other adults by their first-name, instead of “auntie” and “uncle”.

The funny thing is that doesn’t so much to establish adulthood, but it is interesting to identify those as some of myย first steps to forging my “adult path”.

Today, for the first time, I felt like an adult. I was shocked.

I felt a sense of confidence in my own opinion and how I believe I should be treated.

I handled a sour situation and when reflecting afterwards about the encounter I was happy that I could see a developing self-esteem. A self-esteem that was built on years of feeling walked-over and voiceless.

Life is built up of a series of failures that we get up from.

I’ve fallen many times; bruised and teary-eyed, but here I stand after an unsavoury confrontation feeling strong.

It’s a new feeling and I love it.

It makes everything I’ve gone through to date worthwhile.

I still have a long way to go – but then that is what life is about.

I don’t want adulthood to end anytime soon. And as it goes on maturity will develop and confidence will abound.

I’ll need that maturity and confidence on thisย journey to print.


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