My Poetry: King Beautiful by Nwadiogo

I’m jealous that you’re with her

Because you treat her like a princess

And feed her like you’re Kings

Locked up in fortified towers

Away from the night watch of men prowling

Looking for their next victim to devour.


I’m jealous you’re not him

Standing tall



Letting no one in

No more gate crashers taking residence uninvited

Conquering territories they don’t plan on tending

Breaking windows and leaving scars


When my crown rusted he threw it in the ashes

While you held your jewels high on a pedestal

I wanted to see the view from that mountain top

Beautiful Kings standing majestically in the armour of Corinthians

Wrapped up in spoken verses

Revisited declarations of love spoken freely and handed down through the generations


Beautiful Kings crowning beautiful princesses

Adding value

Treated royally

Fed like Kings

I wish it was me.


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