My Poetry: Freestyle [I Needed a Release]

I just want to write



Not meditated

A free flow of emotions

Needing a release


Is not last night

This afternoon

I had a fight

But on my gloves

Are the Spirit of God

Blowing punches I would have to see to believe

But I believe anyway

That’s faith

So as I get ready to fluff my pillows

And get some sleep

I sigh deeply

And wait

Joy comes in the morning

Joy comes in the morning.

I need to get back into writing again. I won’t lie – I came to WordPress wondering; “Did anyone read my blog today?”

Then I looked at my keyboard and felt an urge for a poetic release of sorts.

Just yesterday I was telling you how free I felt to be at God’s mercy.

He tested me today – boy did He test me!

My financial situation may mean I have to leave the country this month. It’s so sudden. I wasn’t planning for it to happen this way but I found out today, less than 24 hours since my last post, that this London adventure may come to an end soon.

Drop everything and just go – running home to momma.

It’s been so long since this video – full of expectation and youthful enthusiasm.

Does that bother me?


There is a sense of relief, because ya’ll… it’s been a real struggle.

You’ve read the poems. You may have sensed it.

I haven’t even told many people yet. But I needed to write. I needed that therapy.

I never understood why some people on YouTube said YouTube is their therapy… I used to wonder; “What are you talkim’ bout?” But today I finally understand.

I’m not looking for encouragement. I know God has this under control. This isn’t a cry for help.

I just need to write.

Maybe that’s the key to the next chapter of my life, no matter the location.

Maybe there is a need to write. God hasn’t opened doors anywhere else yet. I’ve had hundreds of rejections since I started this blog but yet God let me have this blog. And maybe that’s something.

A key of sorts.

A revelation.

But most importantly – we all have Him.

And that’s enough.


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