The Truth Behind Independence

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I’ve been in my flat since February 13 with my flatmate who I met in Bournemouth, while at University.

The object has been to pursue the goals I set myself and “spread my wings” so to speak.

My flatmate speaks to her family several times a day. I, however, take a different approach. I have always been quite independent. I have been “living on my own” so to speak since I was 13. First boarding school, then University (twice), and now my random excapades in London.

Why the truth about independence?

Because I think it is over-rated.

Why am I in a different country living paycheck to paycheck while I have a perfectly functional home in America with my family?

Why stress myself?

What is our obsession with separating ourselves from our families at young ages to “prove ourselves”?

I’m still not quite sure. But I’m still here.

Sometimes I watch my flatmate and think to myself – “Man, why does her family call so much – that’s so strange.” But really, it’s not. It’s great. I started calling my mom more often in the last few weeks and I love it.

What do we gain when seeking independence? I believe it is character building. But can we not build character at home? Does charity not begin at home? Isn’t it true that no man is an island?

Even in your search for independence and in my case whatever lies in my future career – don’t be so quick to cut yourself off with the intention to “find yourself.” Sometimes it’s the people who you are with that take you and make you the success you wish to be.

In my case – my mother and all her sacrifices.

Till next time,

Nogo xx

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  1. I totally agree, I may be far from home but I speak to mum at least everyday-I draw my strength from there :-) and it has also brought us a lot lot closer! I agree, we mustn’t detach ourselves from family-they are our roots

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